In 2005, the Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine in Alexandria, Egypt approached Hospius Group with an interesting challenge. The University had a vacant building on its property that needed transformation into three healthcare facilities with a total of 700 beds; a children’s hospital, a trauma centre and a general hospital. Our challenge was to help realize this major project, from the financing to the complete implementation of the project. The University’s goal was to be financially and operationally independent within six years. Our first conversation is always with top management, but later, we talk to almost everyone else. From the cleaning staff to the neurosurgeon, we want to hear what matters to the personnel, and what they need to be the best they can be.

Following detailed health sector planning and feasibility studies, Hospius Group and its partner Simed international arranged the required financing and designed the complete infrastructure, in cluding the IT and the medical equipment. The Operations division of Hospius and Simed are responsible for the equipment maintenance, the facility management system and the quality assurance system for infection control and waste management. The three academic hospitals are ready for operation
in 2012. The accreditation process and our technical assistance programs will continue into 2015, as will our clinical exchange and training programs, in cooporation with Utrecht Medical Center (UMC) and Medu Prof S, empowered by Fontys Univeristity for Applied Sciences.

We are confident that our integral and sustainable solutions for the Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine will continue to benefit professionals, patients and society for a long time to come.