Development & realization

After the design phase the actual development and realization starts. It is a critical and intensive stage of work in which supervision and coordination between all contractors and sub-contractors is a key demand. Besides supervising, Hospius offers a broad range of civil and engineering services against the highest professional standards. Additionally, we can arrange all medical equipment and install them at the heart of your facility. Our ICT solutions will connect the equipment, patients, professionals and with the world outside. To easily monitor various services and maintenance contracts, we set up a service and warranty database.

Civil management and Electro-mechanical engineering

Connecting the output of the facility planning (functional and spacial programmes) to the preliminary architectural and facility design provides our civil managers and electro-mechanical engineers with the guidelines and specific requirements they need to get the building infrastructure into place and prepare the building for construction. 

Medical equipment

The inventory of medical equipment is done in the planning phase through detailed room-by-room equipment lists. As your main contractor, we can coordinate and handle the entire process of procurement, logistics, supervision on site, installation and testing. After testing, the equipment is commissioned. Lastly, we train medical and paramedical staff to operate and maintain the equipment, as without this, the investment in ICT is useless.

ICT and medical communication systems 

Reliable IT is a key factor in continuously and effectively synchronizing the communication between patients, professionals, equipment and the world outside. Internet, telephone, closed circuit television, video conferencing, nurse call and door access control, they all simply need to work.