Senior Advisory Board


Professor Dr. Aziz Belal
Former Dean of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

“It is essential to develop a clear vision on future developments and plan and implement healthcare projects accordingly.”

Ir. Paul P. Boluijt
Senior Healthcare Facility Specialist

"Spatial planning and design is essential to meet your longterm strategic goals for healthcare."

Ir. Petra Doets
Former senior advisor at NIAZ, Netherland Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare

"Quality in healthcare is no longer a luxury. The challenge is to raise the quality even when resources are limited."

Prof. Dr. Maher El Dessouky
Former head of central administration Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

"HR planning is vital for the success of a project, as is continuous medical education for medical and paramedical staff"

Mohammed Z. El Sayed
Managing Director Hospius Group

"An integrated approach to healthcare management is the only way forward. Analyze the situation, find the solutions required to make it happen and design a way to make it a reality."