Successful healthcare projects start with solid planning and a thorough understanding of the goals to be achieved. It is a long-term project that will operate within a very dynamic world and involve countless parties like architects, engineers, health professionals, manufacturers and authorities. Hospius Consultancy analyzes the financial, strategic and operational feasibility of your healthcare plans. We always strive to achieve the right balance between helping you achieve a competitive edge and sustainable financial performance, providing your community with the healthcare they deserve.

Healthcare sector planning

Planning starts with describing the future needs and demands of the region. Hospius plots this against your healthcare ambition and we define the means to truely meet your goals.

Feasability study 

Following the sector planning, our experienced consultants evaluate your healthcare needs on a micro-level. This provides the fundament for the precise planning and financing of your healthcare project. We also measure the operational efficiency of your healthcare plan and advise you on the investment options that will deliver the best possible financial return.

Facility planning

Our facility planning consists of a series of studies and provides the nesecary design information for architects and engineers. Our functional programmes provide them with the primary criteria of ‘what and where’ using detailed room-by-room requirement lists. Our spacial programmes define the criteria for areas with a operational function, like the specification of medical equipment for instance.

Financial planning 

Based on the output of all the studies and planning activities, Hospius determines the financial scope of your healthcare project through a well-defined project document that outlines your project goals and the exact investments for design, construction, engineering and medical equipment. And if needed, we can set up and write your entire business plan too.