The process of international accreditation is lengthy and complex. Hospius Accreditation offers its experience to assist you in preparing your hospital for accreditation and guide you through the entire procedure. We start the accreditation procedure with an internal survey resulting in a self-assessment report in order to assess whether the organizational set-up complies with the international accreditation standards. This extensive process usually provides several easy to implement quick-wins. Secondly, a designated survey team conducts a preliminary review to check the status of the organizational set-up in relation to the accreditation standards.

The hospital must employ an internal survey system in place to be able to manage the procedure. At this stage, usually more information needs to be gathered and improvements need to be made before the official survey report can be carried out. Depending on the size and complexity of the hospital, a big or small survey team extensively investigates the hospital environment for a couple and up to five days. The team is granted full access to all areas and full cooperation of all employees. A draft survey report and action plan identifies the improvements that the hospital needs to make in order to qualify for accreditation. Once improvements are made and checked, the survey report goes to the College for Quality Certificates, a body that judges the qualification. After four years the accreditation cycle repeats itself.