Facility management

Should you wish to outsource facility maintenance and management, Hospius Facility Management offers tailor-made solutions. With an in-depth knowledge of your healthcare facility, we facilitate the management and maintenance of medical and non-medical systems and equipment. Hospius assists you in the planning, procurement and implementation of the appropriate software, hardware and communications equipment. We also talk to local parties to make sure that you receive the right technical support as specified in your service contracts. Once the healthcare facility is operational, it is vital for quality to be monitored, managed and controlled and for medical staff to be well trained. We are your designated service and maintenance partner because we know your organization; we are there from the start.

Facility system

We can develop and implement the entire facility management system which meets the required safety and quality assurance norms, and which is in line with the accreditation standards. This also includes effective full-service solutions to facilitate and improve communication in hospitals through high-end hardware and software. Our services also include more traditional IT equipment, such as servers, desktops and networks.

Facility maintenance

Once your facility is fully operational, we offer full service maintenance programs for all medical and non-medical systems and equipment.

Qualified staff 

We analyze the healthcare and technical skills that you require and present a detailed planning of the capacity of professionals. This provides you with the overview of the number and type of healthcare professionals that you need to successfully and effectively run your hospital. In the event your region faces a shortage of resources and capacity, we are able to place trained medical professionals such as physicians, nursing staff and technicians through our training facilities in Egypt.

Facility training 

The latest equipment is not going to provide the desired healthcare if there are no trained professionals to operate and maintain the new technology. Our training services encompass an adequate training of your medical and para-medical staff.