Hospius Initiatives

Hospius Group strongly believes in sharing knowledge and experience across the globe. We initiate and organize diverse activities to contribute to better healthcare worldwide.


We believe that if we bring together relevant experts to focus on one issue at a time, we can increase the chances of developing real solutions. Hospius Community organizes conferences on a regular basis, and members of the Senior Advisory Board are regular speakers at these meaningful events to help in raising the quality of healthcare. Hospius Group has succesfully organized conferences focusing on fields such as Hospital Management, Healthcare Accreditation, Emergency and Disaster Management and Continuous Medical Education.


Future Medicine Society is a non-profit initiative set up to support the rapid developments in healthcare sectors related to education, care and research. Hospius Community Group is a member of this society that interacts and works with hospitals, universities, and ministries of health and individual specialists, and does this with one goal in mind: "Sustainable HealthCare". The Future Medicine Society initiates research projects, organizes conferences and promotes educational programs. Like Hospius Community, these initiatives are purely designed to benefit society.

Hospius Community

Hospius Group strongly believes in sharing knowledge and experience across the globe. However, concern for health issues alone is often too fractured, and results mainly in intentions rather than actions. Our Hospius Community is a non-profit activity that was set up to promote quality in the healthcare sector. It is a meeting place where all healthcare professionals can exchange knowledge and experience and discuss the latest developments in the healthcare sector. Specific local issues are often the topic of discussion. We organize conferences where professionals get together to focus on real problems and actual solutions. Members of the Senior Advisory Board are regular speakers at these conferences and help to raise the quality of healthcare.

Hospius Society for Healthcare Professions 

Hospius is establishing an international network that can gather all the Allied Health Professions to develop a creative community to support the education and the professional development. It also plays a pro-active role in formulating and developing a community gathering all members of the health care sector.

MENA WorkForce

Initiated by Hospius Group, the aim of the MENA workforce will be to raise the healthcare standard in MENA countries, reaching the international standard or the highest standard feasible. Quality assurance and improvement, improving the standard of education and educational facilities, training and technical assistance are all part of our activities. We promote national and international social responsibility programs in the MENA region and help the society to set up new non-profit healthcare organizations. Last but not least, the initiative is also designed to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between Western and MENA regions. “Let’s talk to each other, not just about each other.”