When all planning activities have been completed successfully and the finance has been arranged, the staffing has to be determined and the facility to contend with daily operations, management, quality control, standards and maintenance. Hospius designs, develops and realizes the integrated healthcare infrastructure, including all of the required equipment. Functional designs will serve as the guidelines for both engineers and architects. We work with a team of innovative thinkers and doers that bring together functionality, aesthetics and cost efficiency. Hospius provides you with total design solution that work for both patients and professionals and fully fit your needs. The endresult is a design and infrastructure that creates the best balance between human needs, capacity and the quality of medical services.

Architectural design

Architects start designing according to the defined functional and spacial programs. Besides esthetics, special demands for medical equipment, such as reinforced floors and protected chambers and a logical implementation of diagnostic and research methods are issues that Hospius takes into account when designing a hospital building.

Facility design

Hospius pays close attention to everyday utilities that affect the well-being of patients and professionals. Facility design includes smart heating, ventilation, lighting, water distribution and air conditioning. We introduce safety precautions and design systems that improve air quality, reduce noise levels, improve energy efficiency.

Interior design

We design interiors that are easy to maintain, practical, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly to be a healing environment for patients. Color, material and architectural elements are combined in a way that delivers an environment in which professionals and patients feel safe and comfortable in and in which they can control their own surroundings like heating, lighting, air and view.